About Us

Meet The Chillever Family!

Our Story a.k.a Modern Love Story

The idea of establishing a young, dynamic, and vibrant business in the made-to-order field came to us in the most unexpected way! One of our co-founders fell crazily in love with his high school friend (classic love story, duh!) but had no courage to confess (we have all gone down this road before, haven’t we?!). The uncontrollable trembling whenever standing in front of her prevented our fellow from saying some romantic pickup lines, so we turned to gifts. But what gift to give that would make her say “YES”? Tough question here, guys! A bouquet of roses? – “Out of fashion”! A dress? – “Gods, No! She’ll kill me if she sees someone wearing the same dress”! Oh right, jewelry? – “Come on, she’ll get bored of it after a while”. That definitely got on our nerves! And Bingo, we came up with PERSONALIZED GIFTS, just like that.

Our Mission

At Chill Ever, we aim to bring precious human bonding into our designs, delivering a powerful message of family love, friendship, loyalty, and many more. Our personalized products speak those unspoken words to your significant others, moving them to tears or brightening up their days, we are totally capable of! Seeking the most unique, long-lasting, and meaningful gift for someone’s special day? You have just come to the right place! In this case, a personalized gift is worth a thousand words, don’t you agree?

Our achievements

Since our establishment in April 2016, Chill Ever says NO to mass production and aims at meeting each customer’s specific requirements. That explains why after only 1 years of establishment and development, we have reached over 100,000 customers, 99% of which have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of our products.

Our “takeaway” benefits

What will you receive when choosing Chill Ever? · A user-centered and user-friendly website for effortless navigation. Find your desired products in a matter of seconds. · The best and safest online shopping experience. We distribute our goods to more than 100 countries around the world with secure shipping. · A reliable address for customized products. See your imagination come into life with a wide range of personalized options. Owning your unique gift is only a few clicks away. · Countless offers and attractive discounts throughout the year. Shop your favorite product without worrying about prices. And many other benefits are waiting for you to explore and experience by yourself as we don’t want to ruin the surprises! Welcome to the family!